The Ray family is synonymous with crime. Antonio ‘Tony’ Ray built an extensive criminal operation in the north of England, having arrived in the UK in the early 1960s from Franco's Spain. But now Tony Ray has retired.


John Ray is the younger of Tony Ray’s two sons and the white sheep of the family. However, after witnessing the fatal shooting of his brother Joe, a career criminal, John decides to return home and take over the family business, a car showroom on Hope Road, on the run-down backstreets of Leeds.


Set in the north of England, the John Ray/LS9 novels are about criminals, their families, and their victims. The series follows the lives and careers of those people closely connected to the Ray family, and will eventually comprise nine novels. The time frame for the series is chronological, but each novel can be read as a stand-alone work. Later books will feature main characters other than John Ray, but his presence will be felt throughout the whole series, and he will feature in the final scene of book nine.